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Pride is the life cancer. It eats up every possibility of love, contentment or common sense. It eventually leads to hate, envy and war. It is the ultimate emotional parasite that drives peace, joy and satisfaction.

But who do we say is prideful?

A prideful person is one who is competitive in nature, constantly seeking to elevate himself or herself above seeking.. Like Satan did. Prideful people get no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more than the next man…

Beware! Pride is insidious because it pollutes meaning and purpose. It fills, ignores and destroys conscience. It is interesting that poor people have more pride which is always depicted in fault-finding, gossiping, backbiting, murmuring, envying, covering, withholding gratitude and praise that might lift another and being unforgiving and jealous.

Humility is the antidote of pride. Study the humble.


success today #369

What is in a meeting?


In a quest to understand what makes a good and effective meeting, I took time to dig into what Larry Page – CEO google had to say. I chose to study him for we all know how effective google is.

After Larry took over as Google’s CEO, he limited most meetings to 10 attendees and pushed managers to outline clear vision before scheduling a gathering. He also talks about how rapid decision making is integral to becoming and staying a great company. Decisions should never wait for a meeting. If it’s critical that a meeting takes place before a decision is made, then that meeting should happen right away. This correspond to what Andrew Carnegie, the first billionaire said – Successful people make decisions quickly and don’t change them quickly.

Here are the five things that makes an effective meeting.

“1. Every decision oriented meeting should have a decision maker. If it doesn’t have, then the meeting must not take place.
2. Meetings should consist of no more than 10 people, and everyone who attends should provide input. If someone doesn’t provide input, they shouldn’t be there.
3. Being punctual is important.
4. Preparing for meeting is key. Every meeting should have an outline agenda and goal. All this should be communicated upfront, so that people can come prepared.. If the material isn’t prepared, the meeting shouldn’t happen.
5. A meeting is about sharing information and having a discussion with a clear objective in mind. A meeting without an objective should not happen. ”

Almost every good progress comes from an effective meeting for it is in an effective meeting that what Paulzine would call a “Composite mind” is created. It is this mind that generates creativity, innovation and deep solutions.

One day when you are a leader, when you lead or call for a meeting, remember this list.

Success today #204



Part 2.

There is a law in quantum physics that say, at any point in time, all possibilities exist and the moment we focus on one, the rest cease to exist or drop out of existence. If you focus on identifying opportunities, you will always find them but if you sit and wait for one to pop up, they will never. Its like looking for a car pack in town. If you don’t focus on finding one, you will never get one. This is all because of the working of the reticulate activating system. The moment you focus, is the moment the brain kicks into action and your sight is activated to look for opportunities or the parking space. It is the brains ability to see and focus.

How are you using your reticulate activating system? Are you letting it help you see opportunities, ways to achieving, ways to succeeding, ways to being a good self sufficient person? Or are you just letting the mind drive itself by default? Letting it watch the negativity of life and things that do not add value?

What you focus on, you find. If you focus on people’s faults and weaknesses, you will always seem to see more.If you focus on talents, strengths and abilities yo will see more of that. Life is filled with good and bad things. If you ficus on the good, you will see the good. Remember all possibilities exist. You just need to know what to focus on coz it will make a difference between a life filled with limitations and an abundant life filled with success and happiness. What will you choose?.

Success today #200


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Imagination is like a workshop where all plans and ideas are created. All thoughts are harnessed. All impulses, goals, desires and purposes are given form, shape and action. This is why its said man can create anything he can imagine!

Man has managed to know how to fly, communicate using ether instantly, travel at high speed that he can be in three continents in a day, open the brain and close it… All through the power of imagination.

Mans only limitation within reason lies in his development and use of imagination. Realize that your brain is like a broadcasting station and a receiver too for vibrations that can be leveraged to achieve high standards and greatness. Today, you can be sure you have not reached the apex of development in your imaginations. You have just discovered this and you are using it elementarily. Develop your imagination faculty to achieve the best…:blush:

Success today #191

What is your purpose?

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Dear youth, friend, what is the aim and purpose of your life? Are you ambitious for education that you may have a name and position in the world? Have you thoughts that you dare not express, that you may one day stand upon the summit of intellectual greatness; that you may sit in deliberative and legislative councils, and help to enact laws for the nation?

There is nothing wrong in these aspirations. You may every one of you make your mark. You should be content with no mean attainments. Aim high, and spare no pains to reach the standard. MYP 36.1

Success today #141




Part 4.

Say No!
Steve Jobs once said, ” many people think focusing is about saying yes… Nay! ..Its about saying No! ” There will always be a silver plate passing. If you go on chasing each, you will never have one but if you follow what you focus, saying no to all other small aims, you can be sure of success. Let’s learn to do one thing at a time and totally focus all of our energy on that. Try doing 12 things at once, nothing will happen. Be discipline to say NO, always ask yourself what you are best at and learn to prune your life.

If you are going to own a company, or be a leader of the biggest institution, or leader of many companies, you will have to learn how to delegate. Find someone better than yourself and give him the responsibility. Plant in him the big picture and give him the whole freedom. Also most important is, give him opportunity to fail. The reason many are not expanding, or growing is because they are trying to do everything themselves.

In 100 attempts, 80% will always be a failure. Do not be embarrassed when you fail. Do not give up. See adversity as a challenge. There will be always a seed of success in every failure. Take time and wait from it. Remember, the time when you wanna bail is actually the time where opportunity exists. My highschool principal used to say, its always darkest just before sunrise. Try more, after all, you will only be remembered by your success not your attempts.



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Push yourself.
“You are always great under pressure.” Your parents make you feel bad because you were beaten in an exam by your opposite gender and the next semester, you work hard to beat them. When you get past that door you always fear, you are actually much more smarter. Push through. Let desire and faith well developed aid you. You can also make fun out of fear.

Work hard.
The harder you work, the luckier you get. Where do you think the best projects go to? Where do costly presents go to? Where do the best houses and vehicles go to? Where do the best rewards go to? They all go to those who work hard. Those who manage to be the best in what they do. They who win. Be tenacious and work as if today were your last day. Work on your PRODUCTIVE work time.

Don’t Relax.
Eradicate the human behavior of relaxing. You cannot take a breath when your competitors want to take food off your table. To build enduring and sustainable success, you have to eradicate the feeling that you have already won. Keep working. After all, you will never find joy in relaxing but in service, working, doing something. Whether you like it or not, skills are developed through many, many hours of hard work. Many people think just going to school is enough to develop and be competent in a skill. Skill competency is equal time spend. “Work your face off! Have an outrageous work ethic.”