The law of compensation.

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Whatever a man saweth, also shall he reap.

The amount of money you gonna receive is in direct ratio to:
1. The need of what you do.
2. The ability to do it.
3. The difficulty there is in replacing you.

– This is a law worth a million when fully understood. It is however violated by many, especially those who do enough to get by, just so they don’t get fired and the company just pays them enough so they don’t quit.

– when you become very effective at what you do, you will become very difficult to get replaced. When you perform every task to your best, you bring out the best that is in you. It is key to understand that you have infinite potential. Only you can limit yourself. Remember always that you are an incredible person.

You get back exactly what you put in. You put a Lot, you get back a lot.

The law of compensation is based on what you do. Put the energy out there, put the full efforts. Get better at what you are doing. Say! ” I am going to get better at what am doing ” and your whole world will get better. Get better in your thoughts, association, vocabulary and control of you. If you can take control, control how you control your self control in every action.

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success today #369

What is in a meeting?


In a quest to understand what makes a good and effective meeting, I took time to dig into what Larry Page – CEO google had to say. I chose to study him for we all know how effective google is.

After Larry took over as Google’s CEO, he limited most meetings to 10 attendees and pushed managers to outline clear vision before scheduling a gathering. He also talks about how rapid decision making is integral to becoming and staying a great company. Decisions should never wait for a meeting. If it’s critical that a meeting takes place before a decision is made, then that meeting should happen right away. This correspond to what Andrew Carnegie, the first billionaire said – Successful people make decisions quickly and don’t change them quickly.

Here are the five things that makes an effective meeting.

“1. Every decision oriented meeting should have a decision maker. If it doesn’t have, then the meeting must not take place.
2. Meetings should consist of no more than 10 people, and everyone who attends should provide input. If someone doesn’t provide input, they shouldn’t be there.
3. Being punctual is important.
4. Preparing for meeting is key. Every meeting should have an outline agenda and goal. All this should be communicated upfront, so that people can come prepared.. If the material isn’t prepared, the meeting shouldn’t happen.
5. A meeting is about sharing information and having a discussion with a clear objective in mind. A meeting without an objective should not happen. ”

Almost every good progress comes from an effective meeting for it is in an effective meeting that what Paulzine would call a “Composite mind” is created. It is this mind that generates creativity, innovation and deep solutions.

One day when you are a leader, when you lead or call for a meeting, remember this list.

Success today #361

Definiteness of purpose.

Your progress to success begins with a fundamental question.  Where are you going?  98% never really determine their goals and start towards them.  Beware,  every successful person had a major definite purpose.
Your definite purpose should be more than a mare wish.  It should be a burning desire.
Steps to definiteness of purpose.

1. Know,  I repeat,  know what you want from life.

2. Be determined to the point it becomes an obsession or a driving force or a burning desire.

3. Back up the desire with a continued effort.

4. Add sound planning to continuous effort.

5. Think,  think big,  think new and think again.
Strive to learn how to use the tremendous potential of your mind and how to organize knowledge you have.  You can turn them into power necessary for obtaining your definite purpose.
Today’s affirmation.

I will fail my way to success,  I will not pack my life even amidst challenges.  As long as my battery is on,  I will keep on.
Have a good day.  Cheers😊

success today #273

Start before you’re ready.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Most people wait. They believe they can start after they have enough time, money, connections and credentials. They wait until they feel “secure.” Not people who are unstoppable.

Unstoppable people started last year. They started five years ago before they even knew what they were doing. They started before they had any money. They started before they had all the answers. They started when no one else believed in them. The only permission they needed was the voice inside them prompting them to move forward. And they moved. If you still need permission, you probably not ready to be unstoppable.

Success today #270



To rate someone well, we always have to look at three things.

1. Quality of services.

How efficient are you in your mind on how you do your work? How best are the services you offer? How good is the performance or rather, how well are you versed with the details of what you are doing? These are the questions you should always ask yourself. It is your responsibility to make sure you provide quality services. Best services. Very efficient services. Make sure you are performing highly in whatever you do.

2. Quantity of services.

Always have the habit of increasing the services you offer. Improve on the skills you have each and every time. This also has to do with thinking big. There is a difference between someone who owns only one supermarket and one who is owning one but in the process of expanding the supermarket a thousand fold. Develop the habit of always improving and increasing. Bigger and better services equal better and bigger returns.

3. Spirit of service.

The spirit in which you offer services is a big determining factor on how you will be rated or how successful you will be or your businesses will be. Always have a positive attitude, positive mind, imaginative mind and while rendering your services. Imagine and think of ways you can influence, be better and perform a lot better. The spirit will also control how efficient or how others will associate with you. Remember, with the right emotions, you can do almost anything you dream of. Learn to offer a peaceful and harmonious spirit.


Serve others


“When bestselling French author Dominique Lapierre visited India to work on a new book, he wanted to travel in style. So he purchased a silver-and-black Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, and had the luxury car shipped to him in Mumbai. He crisscrossed the Indian subcontinent in the vehicle while researching and writing Freedom at Midnight.

The book’s success earned Lapierre a sizeable royalty check, and he decided to give part of the money to an Indian charity out of gratitude. Not knowing where to make the donation, he decided to visit Mother Teresa in Calcutta, assuming she would know how to put the money to good use. She introduced him to James Stevens, an Englishman caring for children in the city’s slums who suffer from leprosy.

At the time, Stevens was running out of cash. He had nearly exhausted his personal savings in his efforts to educate the leprous children and to cure as many of them as possible. Amazed by Stevens’ compassion, and the hope he had restored to so many kids, Lapierre vowed to provide ongoing financing of his humanitarian work. To this end, the author began giving away 50% of his book royalties. To date, the Resurrection Home, the shelter funded by Lapierre, has cured more than 9,000 children infected with leprosy.

Lapierre began his journey to India with a desire to enjoy the heights of luxury. He left having gained a passion to rescue children from the misery of leprosy. His change of attitude is summed up in the words of an Indian poem now printed on the back of his business cards: “All that is not given is lost.”

Lapierre decided to be a river and not a reservoir. He stopped pooling up his wealth, spending it on himself, and instead donated it to benefit children in need. Moreover, he physically put himself in the middle of suffering. When living prosperously, we tend to distance ourselves from misery. We move to affluent neighborhoods, play at pristine parks, dine at the fine restaurants, and shop at elegant boutiques. If we aren’t careful, we lose touch with the reality of neediness that so many people around us experience on a day-to-day basis. Giving money is great, but serving others in-person reminds us of why generosity is so very important.”

Success today #261

Why You Need Positive People in Your Life

Happiness is a choice. But we continually need to be reminded by people to make that choice.

Shawn Achor

*One big mistake people make is not realizing that happiness is an individual choice. But every choice is influenced by the people in our lives. If you change your life influencers for the better, you can dramatically increase your chances for happiness and success.

In my research, I’ve found that positive social connection is the greatest predictor of long-term happiness. Welcoming a positive new influencer into your world can be one of the most important choices for happiness you make. That person might be a professional life coach or a mentor or simply someone whom you respect and who has the positive outlook you want to emulate.

A positive influencer will have a few outstanding traits that rub off on you over time. This person will practice gratitude. He will seek joy daily and work at becoming his best self. He’ll enjoy being active and feel connected to others.

Think about the negative influences around you. These are people who focus on the bad things in their lives and cause you to do the same. You’ll be left searching for new problems to worry over. Negative influencers don’t smile or laugh easily. They have trouble maintaining relationships and see stress as a threat rather than a challenge to embrace. Steer clear!

We know that happiness is a choice. But we continually need to be reminded by people to make that choice, especially when life gets challenging. Think about the people you know who could be positive influencers and spend more time with someone who will improve your happiness and lead you to greater success