The law of compensation.

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Whatever a man saweth, also shall he reap.

The amount of money you gonna receive is in direct ratio to:
1. The need of what you do.
2. The ability to do it.
3. The difficulty there is in replacing you.

– This is a law worth a million when fully understood. It is however violated by many, especially those who do enough to get by, just so they don’t get fired and the company just pays them enough so they don’t quit.

– when you become very effective at what you do, you will become very difficult to get replaced. When you perform every task to your best, you bring out the best that is in you. It is key to understand that you have infinite potential. Only you can limit yourself. Remember always that you are an incredible person.

You get back exactly what you put in. You put a Lot, you get back a lot.

The law of compensation is based on what you do. Put the energy out there, put the full efforts. Get better at what you are doing. Say! ” I am going to get better at what am doing ” and your whole world will get better. Get better in your thoughts, association, vocabulary and control of you. If you can take control, control how you control your self control in every action.

Cheersūüėä 1:14

success today #369

What is in a meeting?


In a quest to understand what makes a good and effective meeting, I took time to dig into what Larry Page – CEO google had to say. I chose to study him for we all know how effective google is.

After Larry took over as Google’s CEO, he limited most meetings to 10 attendees and pushed managers to outline clear vision before scheduling a gathering. He also talks about how rapid decision making is integral to becoming and staying a great company. Decisions should never wait for a meeting. If it’s critical that a meeting takes place before a decision is made, then that meeting should happen right away. This correspond to what Andrew Carnegie, the first billionaire said – Successful people make decisions quickly and don’t change them quickly.

Here are the five things that makes an effective meeting.

“1. Every decision oriented meeting should have a decision maker. If it doesn’t have, then the meeting must not take place.
2. Meetings should consist of no more than 10 people, and everyone who attends should provide input. If someone doesn’t provide input, they shouldn’t be there.
3. Being punctual is important.
4. Preparing for meeting is key. Every meeting should have an outline agenda and goal. All this should be communicated upfront, so that people can come prepared.. If the material isn’t prepared, the meeting shouldn’t happen.
5. A meeting is about sharing information and having a discussion with a clear objective in mind. A meeting without an objective should not happen. ”

Almost every good progress comes from an effective meeting for it is in an effective meeting that what Paulzine would call a “Composite mind” is created. It is this mind that generates creativity, innovation and deep solutions.

One day when you are a leader, when you lead or call for a meeting, remember this list.

Success today #361

Definiteness of purpose.

Your progress to success begins with a fundamental question.  Where are you going?  98% never really determine their goals and start towards them.  Beware,  every successful person had a major definite purpose.
Your definite purpose should be more than a mare wish.  It should be a burning desire.
Steps to definiteness of purpose.

1. Know,  I repeat,  know what you want from life.

2. Be determined to the point it becomes an obsession or a driving force or a burning desire.

3. Back up the desire with a continued effort.

4. Add sound planning to continuous effort.

5. Think,  think big,  think new and think again.
Strive to learn how to use the tremendous potential of your mind and how to organize knowledge you have.  You can turn them into power necessary for obtaining your definite purpose.
Today’s affirmation.

I will fail my way to success,  I will not pack my life even amidst challenges.  As long as my battery is on,  I will keep on.
Have a good day. ¬†Cheersūüėä

Success today #263

Success Today Key points.


– Always have a compelling reason to do something, for being somewhere. What reason do you have to be where you are, are you just waiting to be pushed like a wheelbarrow. Sit down and think what you want to achieve. Make sure you have a compelling strong reason.

– Have a burning desire, something eating you up, something that is pushing you. You can have a reason but without a desire, you can do nothing. Think, have the desire that will make you not sleep. Have a burning desire always to do something great. People who succeed are people who have a desire, people who have made a decision to do something great, something that is not like a walk in the park, a desire to excel, a desire to succeed, a desire to be persistent in the set goals, a desire not to bend principles, a great big desire. What is your desire? A desire to have a good better and awesome tomorrow.

– Have the discipline. Discipline makes you do things that are hard otherwise. Discipline to say no to what you know is wrong, discipline to move away from the sheep, discipline to do first things first, discipline to delay gratification, discipline to behave well, discipline to do the right thing. Its discipline that takes you to places. However, keep your discipline constant, even when no one is watching. Have the discipline to forfeit short term gratification. You are lost without discipline.

– Never give up. Always keep your Hope, don’t succumb to hopelessness. Learn to handle No. Have the fighting spirit. Remember, perseverance never loses. Most often we lose hope when we are just about to succeed. I was born a Victor, I will die a victor but never a victim. I will die a star. I may have scars but I’ll be a star.

– Born as first born in a polygamous family of five wives with many siblings. He is left to be bread winner to all after the dad passed away… But he never became a failure. He worked hard, passed well and went to Moi to do computer science. He graduates became an IBM manager in Kenya, goes on to be the IBM manager in East Africa then the LENOVO manager in Africa Region, then an mp and now the cabinet Secretary. It takes persistence to win.

Success today #237






Procrastination always stands at an arms length waiting for an opportunity to spoil one’s chance to succeed. It is because of it that many fail exams, or fail to marry when they should or fail to get opportunities or even miss heaven.

Many go through life of failure because they keep waiting for the right time. If there was a right time to do something worthwhile is now. Now is the right time to make decisions, to make goals, to make plans, to serve, to solve problems, to identify opportunities, to say thank you, to appreciate or even to call your lover and tell how you love her. Now is the right time. Time will never be ” Just right”.

Start with what you have at hand. Start where you are, start with the skills you have. If you know diffusion, mix chemicals and make soap, then commercialize, apply the think big rule and succeed. You will find better tools on the way. Do not stop fighting procrastination or else, failure will be a necessity.




Lack of persistence.persistance

Most often we are good starters but the worst finishers. Many always start businesses, making plans, being quick in decision making, being time conscious but soon, they fail to persist.

When temporary failure come knocking at the door, they fly out of the window. Many are prone to giving up at the sight of defeat. Do not fear temporary defeat at all. Instead of quitting, change the plan and go on. Remember not to persist on a wrong plan.

There has never been a substitute of persistence. The person who makes persistence his friend will discover that his enemy, failure, will be tired and departs. Failure will never cope with persistence mixed with imagination. Failure is thus a necessity when persistence lack.




Lack of a well defined power of Decision.


Powerful and successful people in society make decisions promptly and take time to change if they have.
Men who fail, reach decision, if at all, very slowly but often quick to change them.

Most often, indecision leads to procrastination. We will talk more about procrastination in the coming articles. It is however key to note that the world always seem to aid those who have made a decision on what to do. If you want to drive, you must make a definite decision. If you want to live in a good country in a good city, in a good estate, in a good house, with a good wife and kids, then you have to make a definite decision.

Always remember it is better to make a wrong choice and fail rather than not to make one at all. Learn to be quick to decide. Pilate finally killed Jesus because he failed to make a decision quickly on what he knew was right. Decide what you want to do early in the morning, at the start of a week, at the start of the year and be slow to change your decisions.