The law of compensation.

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Whatever a man saweth, also shall he reap.

The amount of money you gonna receive is in direct ratio to:
1. The need of what you do.
2. The ability to do it.
3. The difficulty there is in replacing you.

– This is a law worth a million when fully understood. It is however violated by many, especially those who do enough to get by, just so they don’t get fired and the company just pays them enough so they don’t quit.

– when you become very effective at what you do, you will become very difficult to get replaced. When you perform every task to your best, you bring out the best that is in you. It is key to understand that you have infinite potential. Only you can limit yourself. Remember always that you are an incredible person.

You get back exactly what you put in. You put a Lot, you get back a lot.

The law of compensation is based on what you do. Put the energy out there, put the full efforts. Get better at what you are doing. Say! ” I am going to get better at what am doing ” and your whole world will get better. Get better in your thoughts, association, vocabulary and control of you. If you can take control, control how you control your self control in every action.

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Today, I took a look at this man named Schultz , the owner of a billion dollar company – Starbucks. He bought the company after asking money from everyone he knew then grew it to 17,000 + stores. Incredible!

” My mum always said, you are going to be the first person to go to college, you are going to be a professional, you are going to make us all proud. She would ask these little questions, ‘ how are you going to study tonight? What are you going to study tomorrow? How do you know you are ready for your test?’  It trained me to set goals. I have and genuinely believe that if you tell people that they have what it takes to succeed, they will prove you right. ”

One key point from his strategy in the company is, he developed keynote habits. Habits that led to strong automatic willpower. Habits that were trained for more than 185 hour every year.

Indeed, with discipline, self control and a strong will power backed up by a definite purpose and a burning desire to achieve your purpose, success must be a reality.


Wise?  Then be wise. 


Speech is audible thought.  Everyone reveals himself or herself through speech.  A foolish man is known by the way in which he talks and what he says but a wise man is known by the purity and excellence of speech.  Whoever wants to gain wisdom must first learn to understand the meaning of words. 
The impure mind cannot and will never ever speak pure words and a pure mind can only speak pure words.  The ignorant cannot speak learnedly and the learned ignorant.  The foolish man cannot speak wisely nor the wise foolishly.  Clean water can only come from a clean fountain… Right… 
All wise people will agree that the first stem to wisdom is to control the tongue.  Discipline if speech is equivalent to discipline of the mind.  When one controls his tongue,  he controls his mind and when he purifies his tongue,  he purifies his mind. These are indeed two aspects of character.  
If one allows his tongue to run loose,  he or she will be a fool but if he controls his tongue and studies how to speak,  well,  he or she will become wise.  Where there are wise words,  we know there is a wise mind. 
Wisdom is acquired only by practice.  No one can hide what he or she is.  We all must necessarily act and every time we act,  we reveal ourselves.  
One is said to be foolish :

1. If he or she talks aimlessly or incoherently. 

2. If he or she engages in impure conversations. 

3. If he or she utter falsehood. 

4. If he or she speaks I’ll of the absent. 

5. If he or she curries about evil reports about others. 

6. If he frames fluttering words. 

7. If he or she speaks in praise if himself. 

8. If his or her speech is irrelevant. 
One is said to be wise :

1. If he or she talks with purpose and intelligence.  Notice the word PURPOSE. 

2. if his or her conversation is chaste. 

3. If he or she utters words of sincerity and truth.  

4. If he speaks well and in defense of the absent. 

5. If his or her words that can be considered virtuous. 

6. If his or her speech is gentle and kindly.  

7 If he speaks in praise if others.  
Remember,  a fool will always think he is harshly judged and badly treated by others not knowing that his real scourge is his own ungoverned tongue.  
Discipline your tongue,  discipline your speech,  discipline your thoughts and habits.  Strive to use gentle,  pure,  compassionate, wise and of course lovely words and all forms of blessedness will follow you.  

Good day.  Cheers😊

The power of a broken heart. 

It’s on a Tuesday morning and as usual , the alarm goes off at 4:30 am.  You jump out of bed as if to shout ” Yaaay!  It’s another day to live and enjoy or maybe smile “. You don’t have to make decisions or thinking over what to do next for your mornings have been programmed into strong habits.  One hour on Bible study,  thirty minutes reading white estate and another hour reading personal development books.  

This morning is however a different one. You find yourself struggling to read.  You can’t pay attention, you can’t listen. It’s about a broken heart . .. A loss of purpose to some extent . ..The mind keeps drifting back to the last conversation, to the thoughts you had about the relationship and the pain of not meeting your goal. You know how it feels when you face this.  

Dr Stephen Covey defines a break up as a failure to meet a goal or expectations. It takes something out of you. Maybe this is why it is very key never to make goals that can’t be achieved. Achieving a goal is like making a deposit into your self esteem and confidence bank and failure to do so is like withdrawing. But all in all,  you must set goals for a goal is like the bank account.

Oh, It’s the last day of the month !  You quickly realize its that day to develop a new habit.  Over the past months, you have developed habits like drinking 8 cups of water, waking up at 4:30 am,  reading atleast 3hours daily,  doing a weekly and monthly analysis lest you let the week and month go without learning anything from it,  writing a diary,  keeping a journal, reading a book every week and so on.  Very good habits .

Then you realize you have vowed to live,  love,  learn and leave a legacy by living a balanced life ( Socially  , physically , mentally and spiritually ).. Bingo ! Exercise is the new habit.  

Since today reading is not working , maybe exercise will work.  Infact,  you feel like you are full of energy mixed with anger and will.  So you take your track suit and sports shoes, headphones and off you go.  

Why had I not started this long time ago?  you ask yourself as you feel exited. You can feel the gentle breeze , the cool morning air, it’s just a wow moment . .. Covey is seriously lecturing in your headphones about the habits of highly effective people. His words are so powerful, interesting truths earned from deep study, inspiring and wise.  His stories are just awesome, and emphatic .

Twenty minutes pass, then thirty, then fourty , then fifty but still you are not tired and neither have you stopped even once.  You are now deep in the estates around Lavington .  Every kid is being dropped, every house is just awesome but you are able to point the type you want to live in one day,  the best of them all. The air in this side is just so refreshing. The view of the rising sun,  the type of trees .. indeed it’s a picturesque scenery . ..

It’s time to go back,  but as usual , you don’t use the same route (Highschool geography ). Sometimes back,  you have been to these places to just admire or attend a seminar or take an evening walk.  You are curried by the stories and lessons in your head and soon you find yourself in the slams of Kawangware.  You are forced to slow down as there are thousands of people walking along. There are around five hundred people in a stretch of 200 metres . .. You wonder where all these people are heading and where they come from. From the look on their faces,  they are depressed or desparate or tired or hungry or demotivated. Everyone is in a hurry. 

Soon, you realize you missed the road by just one lane.  Now you are deep in the slums.  The looks around are not good. It’s a real poverty case.  No water,  no roads,  no sanitation , no grass,  no trees,  nothing looks clean apart from the sky, many wondering dogs – some without limbs, street kids sniffing glue. . .. It’s all a mess. Suffering all around.

It now makes sense why you should teach people to live a meaningful life,  life of blessedness , joy,  abundance , love,  greatness , character and abundance life full of virtues. 


Study shows that it is because of lack of thinking that people end up suffering , doing what they don’t want to do,  living where they don’t want to live,  dating someone they would not wish to, doing the job they don’t like … Failure in thinking therefore may be the reason to mediocrity. 

Soon,  after 1 hour 40 minutes, you are back home.  You have learned a lot, a little tired,  sweating …but  you have made choices , you have dreamed and made goals and now,  it’s time to take note of everything . You can’t trust your mind to remember it all.  

Man is the master of his thoughts, character, habits and choices. Man is a being of power. We are not spiders or crocodiles who cannot think and use our brains. Even when times seem so hard,  we still have the power.

While studying the works of Ellen G  White and other personal development books like those of James Allen,  Andrew Carnegie, Stephen R.  Covey,  Napoleon Hill …I learned that love is the strongest emotion.  Depending on how it is used,  it can lead to total misery or total success. 

A broken heart has turned many into great people. It has created the best poets,  the best writers,  the best leaders and the best parents. Andrew Carnegie taught that if people would focus on a goal,  dwell on positive vibrations or do something constructive during a break up, they would end up doing great works and achieving great results. Why?  There is power in a broken heart, there is energy to work with hunger.  

When you have a broken heart, don’t do what you know it is wrong.  Don’t smoke or drink or lose character but strive to be a better person. Work harder on yourself than on your job.  Do what you love and above all, do not let go of your self control , the power to control your thoughts. A break up will be painful but remember you can rise and be a better person. As with matters of love,  you will know when you find the right person. 


Fear not tomorrow

fear not tomorrow.jpg

In this age of uncertainty – questions come to my mind
What is waiting ahead for me – and the rest of mankind
Fear not tomorrow – God is already there
He’s charting the course you take
He sees each hidden snare
He’s waiting to guide you – through each burden and care
Fear not tomorrow – God is already there

Are you troubled o’er things to come
Is your future unsure
And are you dreading the coming dawn – A long day to endure
Fear not tomorrow – God is already there
He’s charting the course you take
He sees each hidden snare
He’s waiting to guide you – through each burden and care
Fear not tomorrow – God is already there

Many things – about tomorrow – I don’t seem – to understand
Oh, but I know – Who holds tomorrow
And l know – Oh, I know
Yes, I know – Who holds my hand
Fear not tomorrow – God is already there
Already there……….

Success today #370




Pride is the life cancer. It eats up every possibility of love, contentment or common sense. It eventually leads to hate, envy and war. It is the ultimate emotional parasite that drives peace, joy and satisfaction.

But who do we say is prideful?

A prideful person is one who is competitive in nature, constantly seeking to elevate himself or herself above seeking.. Like Satan did. Prideful people get no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more than the next man…

Beware! Pride is insidious because it pollutes meaning and purpose. It fills, ignores and destroys conscience. It is interesting that poor people have more pride which is always depicted in fault-finding, gossiping, backbiting, murmuring, envying, covering, withholding gratitude and praise that might lift another and being unforgiving and jealous.

Humility is the antidote of pride. Study the humble.


success today #369

What is in a meeting?


In a quest to understand what makes a good and effective meeting, I took time to dig into what Larry Page – CEO google had to say. I chose to study him for we all know how effective google is.

After Larry took over as Google’s CEO, he limited most meetings to 10 attendees and pushed managers to outline clear vision before scheduling a gathering. He also talks about how rapid decision making is integral to becoming and staying a great company. Decisions should never wait for a meeting. If it’s critical that a meeting takes place before a decision is made, then that meeting should happen right away. This correspond to what Andrew Carnegie, the first billionaire said – Successful people make decisions quickly and don’t change them quickly.

Here are the five things that makes an effective meeting.

“1. Every decision oriented meeting should have a decision maker. If it doesn’t have, then the meeting must not take place.
2. Meetings should consist of no more than 10 people, and everyone who attends should provide input. If someone doesn’t provide input, they shouldn’t be there.
3. Being punctual is important.
4. Preparing for meeting is key. Every meeting should have an outline agenda and goal. All this should be communicated upfront, so that people can come prepared.. If the material isn’t prepared, the meeting shouldn’t happen.
5. A meeting is about sharing information and having a discussion with a clear objective in mind. A meeting without an objective should not happen. ”

Almost every good progress comes from an effective meeting for it is in an effective meeting that what Paulzine would call a “Composite mind” is created. It is this mind that generates creativity, innovation and deep solutions.

One day when you are a leader, when you lead or call for a meeting, remember this list.