It’s been three years since you met her. At first, she was not even appearing on top ten list of girls to be considered for marriage. She was young, new in the city and a first year then. Around you were mature and beautiful ladies, say, ideal ones to be married. Somehow, you managed to keep her in the friend zone.

Life flowed and days passed, turned into weeks then into months and now years. First, top three on your list somehow got married and you were left feeling half hurt and half lonely. But you learned to move on. Life being single man became more interesting since the huge costs your married friends talk about were not part of the worry. Moreover, you had liberty to put for a date with any girl you so wished.

But this girl seemed to have been there for you and you have been there for her. When you were sick, she brought a bouquet of flowers. When you were lonely she gave you a call. When you were broke, she gave you ideas. When you had a heavy pocket, you bought her a pizza and she always sincerely appreciated you. Sure, she is the only girl in the whole world who makes you feel like a real man, who makes you feel loved and cared and meaningful.

Two months ago, you turned thirty, seven years after graduating from school of civil engineering. You have never practiced what you learned since you turned an entrepreneur. Sure, it’s time to make a decision. It’s time to ask the 50 friends you have planned their wedding to give you a hand.Yes, it’s time to make a choice from the array of girls who have been getting nice to you lately.

Yes, she is the one. People call her Jeb. She is chocolate, with long flowing black hair, one dimple, bulbous, wide smile, clear eyes… we love each other so much. Actually, we had a vocation to Mombasa and Maasai Mara two weeks ago.

Our relationship has one problem, her family adviser, cousins and uncles not mentioning parents have a problem letting her get married to a Kisii guy. We both know it just won’t be easy. Now she wants us to force things through, she wants a ball.

This world is governed by laws of nature. All that we choose to do have consequences. An apple tree can only produce apple fruits and never tomatoes or a mix of apples and tomatoes. When we do the right thing, good things come back to us. When we make a wrong decision, suffering, pain and loss must come to us a wheel behind the ox. Sometimes, we face such a big dilemma and we wonder what to do. Remember the law of the farm, you must reap that which you saw. If you saw faithfulness, love, integrity, self control, humbleness and patience… you will reap positive rewards. Hose decisions which seem to be easy are actually the ones with painful rewards. It’s always awesome to do the right thing at the right time, in the right place, in the right manner.