You are special.

There comes a time when special people come into our lives. We don’t strive to bring them for they come to make us feel loved, cared and special. They are so good and nice that you think they are angels. Every time, they make you smile, laugh and peachy.

They are like a shade in a desert, an healthy rose in the forest, the breeze bide the ocean, sun in a snowy winter, bread in jail, Mpesa in a crisis, a river after many miles in a dry windy desert. How we love them so much.They nurse our wounded hearts, they speak sweet words to our ears in the midst of confusion and noise, they feed us with yummy food when we are used to KDF if not herbs.

They mend our broken legs, inspire us to be creative and drive us to do our best. Oh, how sweet, what a great privilege to have such a heart shaker😊😊