Life is not passing of time but a collection of experiences,
Experiences shared not selfishly but with love,
Love is the spring of joy, peace, happiness and blessings,
Blessings surely come from those who love like Uncle Soul did.

I sit and reflect on the treacly treacle sweet stories,
And I realize life is short like the time of setting sun,
It ends as soon as we start to enjoy its beauty and wonder,
Therefore, I have promised to live each day as if it was my last.

Uncle was a meaningful specific not a wondering generality,
With enthusiasm, he taught us to act with enthusiasm and purposeful heart,
He has taken a rest, but his works, memories, lesson and legacy will remain,
Henceforth, each day I will do my best with enthusiasm and purposeful heart.

Oh death, your sting is so painful but thanks to Jesus,
There is hope for us for Jesus died and rose again,
He solemnly promised he will come back and receive us to himself,
That where He is, we too shall be, and we shall forget all the pain and suffering.

I desire to go to heaven and so I will live the truth today,
I will love all and persist in doing good and living in the truth,
Procrastination will I replace with action now,
That I may not regret but smile with joy on my deathbed,
I will strive to leave a legacy like Uncle Soul.