The art of making money.

What is money? It is the harvest of our production. Money is what we receive for our production and service as person which we can then use to obtain the production and services of others. 

When was money designed? The first coin was designed in Asia around 700 BC. 

Is money Bad? Love of money is bad but money is good as food or clothing or furniture or laptop or cars. 

Does money bring happiness? Money has brought a lot more happiness than poverty. It is a warm beautiful house, it is a fast comfortable car, it is medicine …

Is there any money formula? Yes! The amount of money we earn is always in direct ratio to:

1. Demand of what we do.

2. Our ability to do it 

3. The difficulty of replacing us.

Would you mind giving us an illustration of this formula? Yeah, sure. A driver is just as importance as a brain surgeon but the amount of money they will earn will be proportional to the demand for what they do, their ability to do what they do and the difficulty of replacing them. In a few weeks, a person can be trained to be a driver and replacing the person is not difficult. A brain surgeon spends many years learning his profession, often a great deal of sacrifice at extreme high cost and he cannot be easily replaced. As a result, a surgeon might earn as much money in one hour as a driver in a year.

This is however an extreme example. A highly skilled driver with a high demand and low probability of being replaced, like fast and furious actors, can earn as much as the brain surgeon. You understand the formula?

Must you set money goals? Don’t leave your future financial independence to chance coz soon or later, you will realize chance doesn’t work, and it will  maybe be too late. Set a goal to make a million. Not for the moneyvsake but to see who you must become to make a million… (A skilled, highly demanded and someone who cannot be easily replaced in his duty…)

How can we earn more?

1. Decide how much money you really want. Be very exact or rather definite. 

2. Forget the money and concentrate on improving what you do until you shall have grown to the size that will fit and naturally earn an income you seek. Remember, the amount of money you will earn will be in direct proportion to your skill, demand for what you do and the difficulty of replacing you.

3. Work on yourself (read, research, develop skills and master your art/duty) more than you work on your job. 

4. Work for more than you get paid for. The law of compensation or the law of cause and effect (action is equal to reaction) or the law of the farm (you reap exactly what you sow) always works. 

Is there any limit to what we can earn?  The only limit on your income is you. And the

income you decide upon can be achieved within your speciality. You can have what you want. You only need make up your mind coz you become exactly what you think about.

Is there free money? Someone once said there is no free lunch. There is nothing like something for nothing. Trying to earn something for nothing is a foolish idea that will lead to frustration coz it disobeys the law of cause and effect. 

Reference: Life puzzle by Jim Rohn, Works of James Allen, works of Earn Nightingale.