“Good morning”

“Good morning to brother! How was your night?”
“Ah nmelala ule usingizi mnono. Its awesome to sleep in a tent!”
“Are you going for morning devotion?”
“Yeah sure. By the way, its 4:43 am. Let’s get going. Just don’t forget to plan the day before starting.”
“And you, don’t forget its your last semester. Work hard lest you come for that supp associates come for after graduating!”
“But am thorough! ”

There is nothing like something for nothing. It is very key to understand this point. When we don’t plan to be happy, joyful, hardworking and peaceful, then we are planning to fail. Always remember to complete your day on paper before you start it. Think how you are going to spend the day, set goals, make plans.

It is now 4:58 am. Today is your turn to share during the morning devotion but you are also the caterer and you are expected to light fire, enjoy the smoke and arrange all processes involved in cooking. “First things first” That’s what dad always said. So you enter the hall and you find the whole team waiting for you. Your favorite song, 633 SDAH is sung then every one start to look at you as if to remind you there is no time or maybe they can’t wait to hear you teach.

If you can control your thoughts, you can control your actions. If you can control your actions you can control your character and if you can control your character, you can control your destiny. The big question is, how do you control your thoughts?

Think of your first day in High school, think of your closet, how you have arranged your clothing, think of your kitchen, the landscape of your first school, think how your room looked this morning.., Do you notice how your mind shifts? When you start thinking of your first day in high school, you stop thinking how your closet looked immediately. What am doing is autosuggestion. Am suggesting ideas, thoughts to your mind. 

There are many sources of suggestions which include : Friends, associates, family, culture, believes, leaders and so on but most suggestions come from within us. From what we have seen, heard, tasted, learned, experienced.. 

It is possible to control what we think by controlling what suggestions we make in the mind. We have the power to choose what we think. We can also control the kind of suggestions e.g positive suggestions, big suggestions… Take for example, I am tired and annoyed. That means my mind is in a negative vibration, what do I do? I suggest good thoughts like : Go watch the sunset, listen to some music, take a nap, read a book, call dad…
Always make sure you think of virtues and run away from vices, suggestion of fear, complaining, doubt, arguing, anxiety, worry and insincerity.

Its time for ‘ignition’, and everyone leaves the hall with a smile ready for a morning exercise then breakfast. For you, you have to head to the kitchen and help in the cooking, play some music with urban beats speaker, encourage a complaining fellow, watch the sunrise and give direction. Soon, an opulent meal is ready. Managu, ugali, avocado…”This is that kind of a meal to earn 88% in the menu”

There is a medical camp at Lolgorian center, many miles away and you are planning to head there, save some moments, visit other mission sites and play the role that dad plays, – Look for more food. 

Everyone has an idea on how to solve a problem. Whenever you need an advice, be sure to seek it from the best person. Remember, good is the enemy of best. When a qualified person offers you services or an advice or sacrifice for you, remember to pay back. Say thank you. Be kind to others…

Its now eleven am. You are enjoying the picturesque view, sometimes taking a video or a few pic’s. You cross rivers, climb hills, watch the wild animals like zebra, pluck a wild flower, take a selfie behind a manyatta, visit the gold mines like kilimapesa, zoom the horizon, marvel at the huge numbers of cattle.. Laugh with the Maasai people and read a word from the Bible or say a prayer. 

Soon, you are at the medical camp. You wonder what kind of heart doctors have. They are so tender, kind, loving, humble, concerned and caring. As you take a photo from one room to another, you wish you were one, you wish you had that chance to heal, bring a smile…There are many people outside the tent. Some are sick but some just came because its free. 

“Good afternoon John”
” Mzuri sana Daktari”
” Mimi pia Niko mzima. Karibu! Unaumwa na nini” 
“Doctor, am feeling tired.”
” When did you start feeling tired? ”
” This morning ”
” Are you feeling more tired right now”
” Am better now” ( Smiling and stretching his muscles)
” Let me consult with my fellow doctor ” ( Doctor walks out to laugh, he can’t hold the young man’s humor. He then goes to talk with another doctor)

A few minutes later, you are at kilimapesa. You walk around the factory, trying to see if you can pick a piece of gold from soil but to no avail. The manager keeps on explaining the mining process but you are busy thinking.
How did these people knew where to find gold in this semiarid place? Who developed this process? There could be a lot more gold in many other mountains not yet discovered!

Every successful person must have learned to think in a certain way, the way successful people think. 

If you were going to send a message to a friend, you would not send letters of alphabet in order and let her construct the message for himself; nor would you take words at random from the dictionary. You must use the letters and words to construct sentences to convey the right message. If you need something, you too must form a clear and definite mental picture of that which you need. You will fail when you have a vague and misty concept of things you want. Vague thinking is like just desiring to travel without having a clear mental picture of how to. When the promise is clear, then the sacrifice is easy where sacrifice means letting go of that which is good in order to receive that which is better for everything occupies space. 

Oh! Its now time to go back to Ogwedhi site. The sun is getting red and beautiful. I mean this is Africa where the sunsets are beautiful than anywhere else. Its silent and the landscape is looking better than at noon. Up the hills, down the valleys … The journey continues. Soon it starts to rain and it gets harder to control the motorbike. A passing lorry currying soil to kilimapesa splashes water on you as if to remind you should buy that saloon. Soon, the rain stops and you are almost at Game. A very dangerous place with bandits. Its now dark and dusty coz it didn’t rain here. Every passing vehicle on this murram road leaves a huge cloud is smoke. You can feel your face is getting heavier and very uncomfortable but you have to move on. The best source of hope is the sky. The moon is again clear and the sky partly cloudy. As the driver is struggling, you are busy thinking of that day when you will cuddle and snuggle with her, and watch the sky. 

On arrival, you are served warm water and good sentences.. Like “You are thorough”.. The bags of maize, vegetables, grains and fruits are offloaded and stored. It feels like you are a mother and also a father. 

” Good evening! ” (Time to teach form four students before they go sleep)
“Good evening to you sir”
” Today am gonna teach you something about paradigm shift. We will learn about the conscious and the subconscious mind and find out how to use the conscious mind to create good results….. ”

After the talk, you head back to the site to give directions and assign responsibilities. You then update the diary and write down the ideas in the journal before the law of diminishing intent catch up with you. 

“Goodnight to you . .. Thanks for the great work you did. I enjoyed the UoNSDA Chapati!”