Fasting and Thinking.

The conscious mind starts to develop when a child is around 6 years old. At this age, the subconscious part of the brain is well developed. This is why, a child accepts anything, she can’t say no or make choices. She develops paradigms and beliefs which are always hard to change. 
The conscious mind deals with thinking and reasoning. It gives an adult the ability to make choices, create, be original and a leader of himself. 
The more you use the conscious, the less you use the subconscious. The more you think and reason, the lesser you accept everything. One simple litmus test of a man who employs the conscious mind more is “He says no 100 times before saying yes 10 times”.. He reasons, and thinks. He has a focus.
Fasting helps in changing to conscious mind. To fast, you have to think, you have to deny the wants of the subconscious, you have to say no to temptations, you have to focus, you have to hold on, you have to look ahead, you have to make choices…. When you feel you are addicted to something, it means you have failed to use your conscious mind. The simplest way to overcome is to fast. 

Remember, everything we do is a result of thought. Thoughts may be programmed into habits and habits into character. Strive to develop your conscious mind.