Money is never a problem.

Where there is a will, there is a way. When the promise is clear, the sacrifice will be cheap. There are many people willing to partner and help you, there is a lot of money in this world enough for your idea. 
Under what circumstances does money become a problem? 

1. When we love money. Money is good but love of money is bad. Love of money is seen when you are unconscious of how you spend, when you stop paying tithe or planning how to earn or spend money.

2. When the promise is not clear, when there is no good purpose, when there is no goal. 

3. When one looks for money. Money is very elusive, like a butterfly. The more you chase, the more it runs away. Money is attracted by who you become. Work on yourself more than you work on your job. Grow!

4. When you stop thinking. This is often seen when people want something for nothing. They bet, they gamble, they get involved in corruption and dirty deals or involve in drinking and drugs.
Indeed, there has never been a money problem because God always provides and nature always obey its lays. You reap exactly what you sow.