Five things successful people don’t do.

Successful people operate differently from the average person. They didn’t get unique by doing the same thing everyone else does. 
1. They don’t complain or blame others. They understand that they give more power those whom they blame as they drain themselves the power. They therefore take control.
2. They understand change is inevitable. They therefore shape their future by controlling their thought, making goals, creating a life purpose, a yearly or weekly or monthly mission. 
3. They do not let fear stop them. They recognise their fears and transcend beyond them. They do not let limiting beliefs stop them ..They have replaced I can’t with I can in their vocabulary.
4. They are not afraid to ask for help. Many, out of pride and selfishness do not ask for help. They therefore develop a roof barrier on their potential.
5. They do not wait for the perfect time to act. They are good decision makers and hardly change what they have decided. Yesterday, I enjoyed driving with one of this kind. I liked how he was so sure not to do what he has decided not to do and to do exactly what he decided to.  There is no greater moment than now.