The dark valley of temptation.

Here is a man who has not gone through the three gates of surrender.

1. The surrender of desire

2. The surrender if opinion

3. The surrender of self. 

He has not learned how to examine and analyse his desires and habits and he cannot trace the roots in the mind and the effects in character and his life. He enters into the dark valley of temptation and each day. He lives the life of a beast. Eating, drinking, sleeping and Pershing enjoyment at the call of the lower impulses. He blindly gratifies every inclination without any questioning of his conduct. 

How then can we help this man, driving ignorantly in the dark valley?

The desires in the dark valley will always glamour loudly for gratification. They will never die without consistent struggle and effort to change. They must be abandoned unconditionally and allowed to perish for want of food. 

His first step should be to seek the Power of the Bible. The Bible will teach him the discipline, the principles and the laws

of nature which when acted upon gives power. 

He must also learn to be self discipline by disciplining:

1. Thoughts. 

2. Food and drinks (Selecting the mild and refreshing food which nature provides richly like grains, fruits and vegetables and avoid all forms of gluttony and drunkenness)

3. Rest ( Giving body rest it needs, rising early and never encouraging the beastly desire to indulge in dreamy indolence after waking.

4. Senses

Once he learns to discipline himself, he must take the step of self examination and analysis. He must understand the law of cause and effect and the law if the farm. Soon, he will see the need to abandon certain desires. 

Notice, the dark valley of temptation is so deep and no one knows how far it goes though many travel it. Anyone who must wish to leave this road must climb up the lonely way of sorrow and suffering, the upward way out of the dark valley. It is a fight. It is a struggle. 

Every highly powerful man must therefore seek the power of the Bible. If he finds it, he will find the energy to rise above the dark valley of temptation and he will be like a lamp on a mountain.


Joshua Keter