Day 1 – The seven powers of highly powerful people.

You reap exactly what you sow. 

Its another evening, and you are watching the sunset once again at the top of Marriott Marquis hotel, the second largest building in the world. Its been a beautiful day, teaching the Arab heads of state…with her. She gives the lesson and you give an example then you teach and she gives an illustration. You look at her, just to admire her beauty, her chubby cheeks, long flowing natural hair and babyish smile. She looks even younger than those days in campus, seven years ago but wiser and calm and humorous. She is the reason you are here. Long time ago, she had a desire to be in Dubai. 

Its been now seven years since you published the first book ” The Seven Powers of Highly Powerful People “. The book which has sold over 18 million copies and branded #1 Africa’s best seller and #1 network best seller. Its been an awesome experience teaching the life principles, living the moment, especially with her and you wonder how true it is that ” You reap exactly what you sow”

The world has gone through three generations and we are on the forth. The first was the age of hunters and gatherers. Then a farmer came. The farmer was 50% more efficient and 90% of hunters moved to farming. This age too took a long period before the industrial age. The industrial man was again 50% more efficient and productive and earned more than 50%. 95 % of the farmers moved into the industries. This is why everyone was looking for a job in this age. The few farmers, almost 3% produce what the country needs. Do you know what generation we are in? Hmmm? We are in the information age. This age is going to be 50% more efficient and more productive. Statistics show that so far, 5% are embracing the information age and are making up to 10,000 % in productivity. The first ones always win the game. Ask Google and Facebook or twitter or uber how much they are making. 

This Sunday evening is a special one indeed. It was on the same first Sunday of April that you started writing the book. It was just after running 18 km, receiving a thousand shilling note for advising a couple in 10 minutes and reading 200 books ..most being best selling or Bible. You knew exactly the end in mind but you didn’t know the means, apart from the start. The start had been hard, it took you months to finish the first chapter, The power of the Bible and the second, the power of purpose. It was after these two chapters that you got a chance to fly to more than 10 countries to meet powerful and awesome people. 

There is nothing like something for nothing. 

This quote helped you achieve success in the book. Thousands of people participated. Some gave the most sincere beautiful stories, some wrote the opening quotes and some wrote awesome subtopics or funded the marketing and editing process. When the time to reap came, each harvested exactly what he or she had down. 

One of the key pillars of every success is Integrity.

This is a short lesson on integrity. 

One with integrity is like a star. A madman will try to pull him down with arrows of selfishness, treachery, lying and all forms of deceiving either by gesture, word or act.

Integrity is a moral principle.

One with integrity understand that lying and dishonesty can never under any circumstances be necessary. In time of indecision and perplexity, he will stand firm by the moral principal, willing to lose rather than sink into obliquity. Once he has made the right decision with integrity in the moment between stimulus and response, he will discover the glad truth that integrity does not lead to loss and suffering, but to gain and joy.

Integrity also comes with a deep understanding of the scientific formula ” Action and reaction are equal”. 
Success must be purchased, not only with intelligent labour , but with moral force. As a bubble cannot endure, so the fraud cannot succeed or say, prosper.

All who are getting, or trying to get money without giving an equivalent are practicing fraud, whether they know it or not. Who is a thief? Its one who carries to its logical extremes the desire to posses without giving a just return.

Who shall defeat one of pure integrity? He is like a strong tree whose roots are fed by perennial springs.

To fail in one point is to fail in all.

To admit under stress, a compromise with falsehood, howsoever necessary and insignificant may appear, is to throw down the shield of integrity and to stand exposed to the onslaught of evil.

As the liar thinks all men are liars, and treats them as such, so does the man of integrity treat all men with confidence. He trusts them and they trust him.
Emerson said, ” trust men and they will be true to you, even though they make an exception in your favor to alter rules of trade.

An upright man of integrity wins confidence of others. Confidence wins trust. Trust wins a good reputation and a good reputation spreads further and further, and so brings about success.

Join, follow, encourage, fund, participate or market the process of writing this book. ” The seven Powers Of Highly Powerful People ” Chapter 1 is : The power of The Bible. Every book I have read have recommended or taught the principles in it or gave an example or illustration. There is power in the Bible. Give a story, a quote, an illustration or a subtopic on it. 

End of day 1.