She is always a flower.

Its a Friday evening and you are sitting under a tall mahogany tree on a cliff watching the evening sun setting. You watch the picturesque rolling plains. The setting sun’s rays seems to make the flowers bloom better but not better than her. She always looks like a flower under this setting sun. Maybe this is why you always bring her here on Friday evening. She is now picking flowers. At some point she looks at you, and waves the flowers and you shout ” Pick more !!” Just so you can keep admiring her as you used to back in campus. Tomorrow will be Sabbath, a day to be happy.

Finally, after 7 years of working hard on your company, you were ranked number 278 in the fortune 500 companies. HBS ( Harvard business school) have been working on developing a case study on your business and today you gave a lecture together with her. You remember how you would say five sentence then she would say 15 then you would explain a given part of the model and she would complement with a good example. 
You have always done this and it seems you have learned to talk like one person. Wherever you are, she is. Wherever you go, she goes. She is indeed a true example of better half. 

Most often people don’t understand the true meaning of energy and how to transmute energy into meaningful success. Ellen G. White in the Book “Messages to young people ” says, ” Be not satisfied with reaching a low standard. We are not what we might be, or what it is God’s will that we should be. God has given us reasoning powers, not to remain inactive, or to be perverted to earthly and sordid pursuits. Many who are qualified to do excellent work accomplish little because they attempt little.Thousands pass through life as if they had no great object for which to live, no high standard to reach”  Alex Ferguson in the book “Leadership” says the young youth have great power and energy that they can do impossible. 

In my study, here is what I learned about energy.  

Energy must not only be directed towards good ends, it must be carefully controlled and conserved.

In physics, form 3, you must have learned that no energy is wasted or lost. Any energy that is to be fruitful must work intelligently with this principle. 

– More haste, less speed.
– The maximum of noise usually accompanies the minimum accomplishments.
–  With much talk, there is little doing.
– Working steam is not heard but the escaping steam…. So loud

It is the concentrated powder which drives the bullet to its mark. It is the concentrated energy upon the accomplishment of a purpose that bring calmness. 

Still waters run deep and the great universal forces are inaudible. It is a big lie that noise means power. Where calmness is, there is great power. And also, knowledge… I remember back in highschool, the most intelligent student used to be admirably calm. 

Calmness is the sure indication of strong, well trained, patiently disciplined mind. 

– The calm man knows his business. Be sure of it.
– His words are few, but they tell.
– His schemes are well planned, and they work true, like a well balanced machine.
– He sees a long way ahead and makes straight for it.
– He is never in a hurry nor taken by surprise but sure of his ground.
– You may think you have got him only to find you have tripped to your haste and he has got out.
– Approach him with a vulgar familiarity, and his look at once fill you with shame, and brings you back to your senses.

Show me a calm man and I will show you a man with focused mentality.

No energy, no capacity. Many who are unemployed lack this understanding. The man who sits in his room to watch a television, waiting for someone to propose a job is little likely to find employment. Energetic man will either find work or create it for work is a delight to him and whoever delights in work will not long remain unemployed. 

To get more energy, you must use the full that which you already possess. 

Just a week ago, together with her, you had a chance to speak to all the vice chancellors in Australia on leadership during a 3 day summit in Qualia resort at Hamilton island before heading to East Hotel at Canberra for another talk to military heads. 
When someone dies, he ceaces to be be active and is said to be inert. A lazy person who is not active in some activity may be said to be inert too. He is not worth living where living means to love, to learn and to leave a legacy. 

Have you ever learned that nature has got no such thing as waste? Even the excreta is transmuted to useful manure. Let the thoughtless fool say ” Let’s kill time” but not you. Wasting time, resources, skills, energy and your creativity is equal to breaking laws of nature. 

Seven years ago, when you started the company, you had no idea that it would grow this big, that you would end up employing 7700 employees, that you would live in Chiwawa, a place where unemployment is at 3% and the probability of crime happening is less than 6%. You never knew you would be listed in the fortune 500 companies or even have a chance to lecture in Harvard business school. Today, you run the biggest children’s camp, with the best infrastructure and good leadership and management. Thanks to her. She always wanted to help kids and together, you have seen it happen. Indeed, success only comes to those who dare to dream big, those who dare to persist. 

The sun is now setting, its last rays are beeming red. You are walking down the flowery valley with your hands on her waist, and she keeps looking at you and blushing with a smile just like those days when you were in campus. Its her turn to drive back the range rover ( you always do things half way, for each is a better half).. And together, you drive back home. Its yet another Sabbath to enjoy, to be happy, to rest and smile.