Deep in Lavington villages is a drive by the name Tande. It is almost circular with a circumference of about 1 kilometre. Between this drive are villas and gardens. At some point, beside it, you can see a beautiful koibatek gardens. Its well vegetated with tall huge trees. The place is however designed to have a scenic array of flowers. There are climbers which bloom with different kinds of flowers. Outside one of the villas is a rock suitable enough to sit on and watch as the sun rises in the horizon. 

As usual, you wake up at 4:30, read the Bible and a few chapters of SOP, like desire of ages or steps to Christ or upward look, then practice some thinking for around 15 minutes. At 6 o’clock, you are ready for the morning exercise. Yesterday you discovered the scenic environment at Tande drive and today you want to watch the sunrise sitting on that rock. At exactly 6:42, you are enjoying the first rays of the sun. The air is cool, silent except for a few birds here and there, very natural and picturesque. Soon you realize 15 minutes are over and you have to get going. You leave with a promise to live one day in such an environment. Maybe that is what Ellen G White meant by a small heaven here on earth. 

The last page in the book “Power of Habits” By Charles Duhigg goes this way:

” There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way who nods at them and says ” Morning boys, how is the water? ”

The two young fish swim along for a bit, and then eventually, one of them looks over at the other and goes, what the hell is water?

The water is habits, the unthinking choices and inevitable decisions that surround us every day and which, just by looking at them, become visible again.

Water is the most apt analogy for how a habit works. Water hollows out for itself a channel, which grows broader and deeper and after having ceased to flow, it resumes when it flows again, the path traced by itself before..” 

Soon it is an habit that you sit on this rock, watch the sunrise, plan the day, imagine you live here then figure out a new route back home. 

Behind the rock, there is a villas with an awesome balcony. There is also a swinging chair. A young lady, who just turned 20 during the Valentines day likes sitting here early in the morning to watch the scenic sunrise. Lately she has been observing you with some admiration. 

Wednesday morning. 

Today is just another beautiful morning. The sky is clear and its full moon period. 7:43 you are at the same drive, enjoying the sunrise. In fact, you close your eyes just to enjoy the full effect of the sunrise rays. Soon, you hear steps approaching. Its not common to find someone walking along this sides. People here are either driving or on a morning exercise or walking some German sherperd or other species of dogs. Most are white couples who keep on saluting and smiling at you. 

In the Book, “You Have a Brain” by Ben Carson, I learned one great attribute of wise people. They are nice to everyone and to themselves. Covey would say, they understand that people are endowed with four endowments. Self awareness, counciousness, creative imagination and independent will. 

Soon a young lady, shorter than you and athletic with flowing natural black hair, smooth beautiful and pretty face, and a peachy smile is leaning on your shoulder. You both discuss how you enjoy the sunrise and reading and some acapella songs… Its like you can go along with everything. Oh, she also speaks your mother tongue. Her name is Jeb. 40 minutes pass by like 3 minutes. 

Thursday morning.

On Thursday, it is your habit to do a weekly analysis. You stand aside from the real you and study who you have been the whole week. You look at your achievements and failures, your financial expenditure, your habits and study lessons you wrote on your journal. This way, you ensure the week does not go without teaching you. You are also able to identify bad habits or bad association and rate your performance in a scale of 10. So today you sticked to your good habit even though the urge to go meet her and watch the sunrise was too huge. Talk of self control and understanding that you are a master of your thought, actions and habits. 

Friday morning. 

Just before Tande  drive is a road with more people who like morning runs. So, you keep running so close to a lady, then keep her pace and when she looks back, you smile, wink and overtake with such an incredible speed. You look back and you find them waving with a big smile. Fun!! 

7:42 finds you again watching the sunrise. Today, you are not actually making the plan for the day but waiting for her. She lives just behind in the Villa’s. Out of disappointment, you start walking.. You can’t run. Then a range rover pulls over.


” Hey jump in! ”

“Where to? ”

” A garden beside a river. Dad went to Japan for some business and mum has left to work. My elder brother is in school. Mind going out?”

” But I’ll drive”

Whoooooah! Its a dream come true. You have been imagining driving a range rover apart from living in this kind of environment. You wonder how true the law of attraction is. 

Understand that you attract two kinds of things into your life. 

1. What you love

2. What you fear

Understand also that everything affects everything else.