Today, I took a look at this man named Schultz , the owner of a billion dollar company – Starbucks. He bought the company after asking money from everyone he knew then grew it to 17,000 + stores. Incredible!

” My mum always said, you are going to be the first person to go to college, you are going to be a professional, you are going to make us all proud. She would ask these little questions, ‘ how are you going to study tonight? What are you going to study tomorrow? How do you know you are ready for your test?’  It trained me to set goals. I have and genuinely believe that if you tell people that they have what it takes to succeed, they will prove you right. ”

One key point from his strategy in the company is, he developed keynote habits. Habits that led to strong automatic willpower. Habits that were trained for more than 185 hour every year.

Indeed, with discipline, self control and a strong will power backed up by a definite purpose and a burning desire to achieve your purpose, success must be a reality.