Wise?  Then be wise. 


Speech is audible thought.  Everyone reveals himself or herself through speech.  A foolish man is known by the way in which he talks and what he says but a wise man is known by the purity and excellence of speech.  Whoever wants to gain wisdom must first learn to understand the meaning of words. 
The impure mind cannot and will never ever speak pure words and a pure mind can only speak pure words.  The ignorant cannot speak learnedly and the learned ignorant.  The foolish man cannot speak wisely nor the wise foolishly.  Clean water can only come from a clean fountain… Right… 
All wise people will agree that the first stem to wisdom is to control the tongue.  Discipline if speech is equivalent to discipline of the mind.  When one controls his tongue,  he controls his mind and when he purifies his tongue,  he purifies his mind. These are indeed two aspects of character.  
If one allows his tongue to run loose,  he or she will be a fool but if he controls his tongue and studies how to speak,  well,  he or she will become wise.  Where there are wise words,  we know there is a wise mind. 
Wisdom is acquired only by practice.  No one can hide what he or she is.  We all must necessarily act and every time we act,  we reveal ourselves.  
One is said to be foolish :

1. If he or she talks aimlessly or incoherently. 

2. If he or she engages in impure conversations. 

3. If he or she utter falsehood. 

4. If he or she speaks I’ll of the absent. 

5. If he or she curries about evil reports about others. 

6. If he frames fluttering words. 

7. If he or she speaks in praise if himself. 

8. If his or her speech is irrelevant. 
One is said to be wise :

1. If he or she talks with purpose and intelligence.  Notice the word PURPOSE. 

2. if his or her conversation is chaste. 

3. If he or she utters words of sincerity and truth.  

4. If he speaks well and in defense of the absent. 

5. If his or her words that can be considered virtuous. 

6. If his or her speech is gentle and kindly.  

7 If he speaks in praise if others.  
Remember,  a fool will always think he is harshly judged and badly treated by others not knowing that his real scourge is his own ungoverned tongue.  
Discipline your tongue,  discipline your speech,  discipline your thoughts and habits.  Strive to use gentle,  pure,  compassionate, wise and of course lovely words and all forms of blessedness will follow you.  

Good day.  Cheers😊