Success today #367

​Consider Gandhi …

Gandhi came from a background of Timidity,  scarcity,  jealousy,  fear and insecurity.  But,  as he began to see the injustices against Indian people,  a passionate vision was born in his mind and heart. 
Out of the vision grew ideas.  He saw how he could help the Indian people transform their image of themselves as inferior to their British overloads and developed a sense of self worth. 
As he focused on his vision,  his personality weaknesses were essentially eclipsed.  Vision and purpose created personality growth and development.  His highest wish was to help redeem people.  As a result,  he brought England to its knees and freed 300 million people.  
Near the end of his life,  he remarked, ” I claim to be more than an average man,  with below average capabilities.  I have not the shadow of a doubt that nay man or woman can achieve what I have if he or she would put forth the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith “..
It is a passionate vision that drives the pettiness and smallness in thinking. Petty things become unimportant. Moreover,  the passion of shared vision empowers people to transcend the petty,  negative interactions that consumes so much time and effort and deplete quality of life.  
Wishing you a quality day.