Success today #366

A opinion on Opinion for opinions sake.  

Should people consult others and get their opinions before beginning important plans? 

Opinions are like the sand in the desert and most of them are slippery.  Everyone has an opinion about practically everything but most of them are unworthy of trust. 
A man who hesitates because he wants the opinion of others before beginning to exercise his personal initiative usually winds up doing nothing.  
There are times when the advice and counsel of others are absolutely essential for success but don’t refer to the idle opinion of bystanders. Avoid them as you would avoid an epidemic of a disease for that is exactly what idle opinions are.  A disease.  Everyone has a flock of them and most people hand them out freely without being asked.  
If you want an opinion on which you can rely, consult the man who is in authority of the subject in connection with which you seek an opinion . Pay him for his counsel but avoid free opinion for they are exactly what one pays for them.  
You will have your turn with free opinion boys who spend their time trying to discourage man from their personal initiative.  They will cry,  ” You can’t do it!  You are crazy!! It’s hard!!  ” Back your own judgement on your personal initiative. 
When you succeed,  the world will crown you and lay it’s treasures on your feet but not until you’ve taken the risk and approved your ideas sound. 
Do the best you can today and you will learn from first hand experience that these calamity haulers are nothing but a bunch of disappointed human beings who are suffering an inferiority complex because they have failed to exercise their own personal initiative.  Go ahead with your idea and perfect it. 
Cheers 😊