Success today #365

​My top 10/60 qualities of a wise man. 

1. Listen to words of wisdom and seek wisdom. 

2. Have something worthwhile to say. Their words are like source of wisdom,  deep as ocean and fresh as a flowing stream. 

3. Learns from rebuke and failure.  

4. Trust in the Lord.  They pray.  

5. They think.  They think before they do. 

6. Are incredible good planners.  They can see the end so clearly.

7. Entertain thoughts of good,  of doing the best,  of being happy….  They do not entertain evil thoughts.  They repay evil with good. 

8. They are full of integrity.  Always very competent.  

9. In all their getting,  they get understanding. 

10. Always keep finding new friends.  Fools cannot keep the few they have.  

11. Have a total control of themselves.  Their temper,  their moods and emotions.. 
Indeed,  it’s for all that is worth,  it’s worth to be wise.