Success today #364

​The law of the farm. 

Trees, vegetables,  shrubs and weeds are all in a perfect vibration.  They work with the laws of nature 100%. When it is raining,  they blossom, grow fast,  manufacture more food,  develop many branches and give many fruits. The are in 100% harmony with the laws of nature. 
Trees grow to the maximum height.  Trees bear maximum fruits. But the height and the number of fruits is a factor to the fertility of the ground most often.  
The law of the farm states,  you reap exactly what you sow and if you sow nothing,  you will reap weeds.  Unless you are a fool,  you will want to reap weeds.  
Tonight, plan to sow seeds. Seeds that will grow into big trees.  Trees which will bear many sweet fruits.  Fruits which will leave a fortune to you and you will leave a legacy.  
The seed could be an idea.  If you have a seed,  plant on a good ground.  Principles are always equated to the ground.  Remember,  you must prepare the ground well by planning.  Prepare, prepare, prepare.  
The hard work is in planting.  Once the seed starts to grow,  only then can miracles happen.  Isn’t it a miracle how plants grow?  
You will always respect exactly what you sow.