Success today #363

​Is poverty a habit? 

Failure is a habit.  Not only failure but worry,  anxiety and pessimism of any nature.  Any state of mind,  whether positive or negative becomes a habit the moment it begins to dominate the mind. 
“I never thought poverty is a habit ”  If you thought so,  then you must think again because it is a habit.  When anyone accepts the condition of poverty the state of mind becomes a habit and poor  he is and so he remains. 
One accepts poverty and failure by neglecting to create a plan to achieve success and riches.  His act may be as usually is,  negative,  consisting of nothing but the lack of a definite purpose. 
Success is a habit.  It is a habit that one forms by adopting a definite major aim.  Laying out a plan for it’s attainment of that aim and working on the plan for all its worth.  
Tonight,  refuse to accept development after poverty and failure habits.  You have success within reach.  Say to yourself ” I will never live a day without a definite plan,  without a definite aim to attain a worthy ideal”