Success today #360

​Seek wisdom. 

Happy is he who is wise,  he who gains understanding. For he will be much more worth than Gold and silver.  Wisdom will offer him a long life as well as wealth and honor.  
Wisdom makes you one of attractive character,  pleasant and a joy to the neighbors.  It is by wisdom of God that we were created,  that rivers flow,  that starts twinkle beautifully in the sky.. Indeed wisdom will give you a happy life.  I wonder if foolishness gives a sad life🤔…
Hold on to wisdom and insight,  never let it go,  never let it be far from you.  Why?  Because with wisdom,  you will not fall  nor get afraid not have worry or be anxious. 
But,  where do I get wisdom and insight? 

The beginning of wisdom is seeking the Lord.  Read your Bible very,  very,  very well.  You will be wise. Also,  listen to your parents for in their words is wisdom. Read good books too and learn from the wise teacher.  
Beware of not thinking of failure. Do not talk of discouragement.  Let not thoughts of criticism, moshenee torment you.  Satan is near.  He will do his work without your help.  Beware!