success today #359

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Why do most new ventures fail?

Most new ventures fail – usually for good reason. 

 1.They fail because their founders launch without being truly committed to their success. 

2.They fail because a would -be entrepreneur becomes convinced that a lousy business idea is brilliant  or he doesn’t understand the market he is targeting.  

3. They fail because their leaders don’t hire the right people or offer best people a good reason to join the venture. 

4. They fail because the founder don’t have enough capital  .

5. They also fail because the leader don’t know how to communicate effectively or don’t adapt to take advantage of new opportunities 
Unsuccessful leaders or entrepreneurs blame bad luck because they don’t understand what actually caused failure. 

This is good news.  If many businesses die and fail,  then there is an opportunity.  98% of course don’t have the audacity to start something big for big things demand big sacrifices.  

Remember,  the doomed-to-fail leader doesn’t have to be you because for you,  you don’t recognize temporary failure and you now understand that there is nothing like defeat until defeat is accepted as a reality.  

” No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.  He won it by making the other poor bastard die for his country ”

Don’t accept failure as a reality in your ,  actions,  business or ventures.