Success today #358


Listen to what is wise and try to always understand it.  Beg for knowledge and plead for insight.  Look for it as hard as you would for silver and some hidden treasures. 
I never stop marvelling at how a little knowledge,  a little wisdom can change someone so dramatically to achieve extraordinary results.  
Stupid people are destroyed by their ignorance.  They read but they don’t read it again and again just to ensure they understand it.  They read but never reflect on their life and make the necessary changes.  They let learning lead to knowledge and not action.  Fools.  Inexperienced people die because they reject wisdom.  Dying in the sense that they stop progressing upwards.  
Seek for wisdom with all your might,  with all your strength and with all your power.  Remember,  it is the Lord who gives wisdom.  From him comes knowledge and understanding and knowledge. Act on the knowledge.  You don’t know something until you do it or share it. 

Choose you today to share a little wisdom you got,  choose you today to seek knowledge and understanding,  choose you today to act on your knowledge and insight.  It is possible to achieve extraordinary success.  Unleash your full potential today. You can do it.