Life To the fullest …


A young boy,  the story goes, 

Was born in the villages of Nandi county.  He loved walking on good paths, doing good and playing football games,  often,  the ball would be made of waste polythene bags tied strategically.  
He always used the path named purpose on his way to school.  He learned to cross fences called temporary failures. He got used to currying his bag called power of thought. There used to be a tree beside the road called reflection.  He would always cut a small piece to brush his teeth and later  in the evening,  he would rest under it.  
There were no pairs of shoes those days. Whenever thorns called fear and doubt pierced him,  he would take no time to get them out for he understood that thorns can never lead to any accomplishment.  
This young boy, always went through the gate named focus into the school named success.  He never used the “panya routes” named laziness just in case the teacher on duty named abundance was in school already. His best friend was named time manager and his big enemy,  the guy he used to fight with,  slap,  run away from sometimes was called mediocrity.  
This young boy is now called success for he chose to get understanding in all his getting.  He chose to live a healthy and happy life.  
Choose to walk on health,  to be successful and to register for NAWEWA wellness walk.