Success today #357

​It’s possible. 

Strive to be a possibility thinker.  To achieve this,  you have to note:

1. You have full control of your thoughts.  You can choose to think the possibility or impossibility. 

2. Goals are set to be achieved.  Your mind will always give you what you ask of it as long as you are willing to sacrifice. 

3. Thoughts become actions.  A train of thought towards a specific direction will surely produce a definite action. 

4. You are what you think about.  

5. You have full control of your self image.  Self image is like a thermostat.  When you exceed it,  it will draw you back and the same when you don’t meet it. If a fat man suddenly slims and does not change his self image,  he surely will soon become fat.  Develop the best self image of you then your mind will make you what your self image dictate. 
There is nothing like impossible to an educated mind. 
Wishing you a successful happy day,  full of possibilities.