Success today #356


The only way to build yourself up, to add your value… is by engaging in good thoughts, thoughts that make you happy,  pure thoughts,  Thoughts of love and courage.  Do not let your mind dwell in fear,  doubt,  anxiety,  negativity,  impossibility, hatred,  jealousy…  You will be a wretched sad person and we will say,  “You have messed up “… 
If it is true what you think is what you become,  then why not think of being happy,  of being successful,  of doing your best,  of love,  of peace of mind.. Practice your thought control. 
When you are anxious or worried or in a negative vibration,  tap your heart and say ” PEACE BE STILL”, Relax and be comfortable.  Paulzine would tell you,  “Stability ” Be stable at all costs.