Success today #355

​Taking care of yourself. 

There are some people who know how to take care of their pets or plants or gardens more than themselves.  Here are three points you should seek to take care.


1. Physical. 

Take care of your appearance.  Never think to have a second chance to make first impression.  God looks on the inside and people look on the outside.  People judge you by how you look.  Make sure the outside is a true reflection of inside. 
2. Spiritual. 
Human beings are more than just life forms.  We are all spiritual beings and that is why we are special species in the animal kingdom.  

If you believe in any spirituality in any manner,  study it and practice it.  Do not neglect your values.  Don’t let it go unstudied,  

3. Mental. 
Learn,  study,  grow and change.  Life change starts with learning.  Not inspiration.  If you inspire a fool,  you will have a motivated idiot.  

Feed and nourish the mind.  Some people read so little. Don’t become lazy and casual in learning.  Information is key.  Get a library started. Finally,  do not live on mental candy. 
Good day.  Cheers. 😊