Success today #354

​Life time improvement. 

Every day,  we do some stuff without thinking about.  This is what we call hitting the terror barrier.  Terror barrier is a point at which no matter what you do,  you can’t seem to go beyond.  Every time you hit it,  you bounce back even to starting point.  
Your terror barrier could be having 20k. Every time you hit it,  you soon get broke.  There are simply many types of terror barriers but hope you get the point. 
How can one go beyond the terror barrier?  How can one keep progressing?  How can one keep reading at least 6 books a month?  How can you keep your income increasing?  How can you keep your time efficiency going up without hitting the terror barrier? 
Develop a self improvement habit.  There are many things we do on a daily basis but most often,  90% lack this type of habit.  I learned it and I was like wow 😄….
Commit just 30-60 minutes on developing your personality,  your character,  you and your image.