Success today #353

​Do not sell out. 

Do not break the laws and commands you know,  do not disobey,  do not hate,  do not be jealous.  That is called selling out. 
 Don’t sell out especially in small things,  the little lies,  the little laziness,  the little factors even like dressing code but in all,  do good and strive to  do more good. 
Make friends,  choose friends but don’t let them choose you.  You have the power to attract the kind of people you want.  Remember,  people around you influence you so much.  Walk with mediocres and you will be one,  walk with leaders and you will be one.  But before you know who to attract into your life,  walk alone.  Eagles don’t fly in groups but chicken walk in groups. 
Do not sell out in choosing your friends. I repeat,  do not sell out in life.  Do not be the Judas of today.  Be faithful and obedient.  It’s fun and pays.  
Cheers 😊