Success today #351


Life is either a daring adventure or boring.  Decide to make your life a daring adventure,  that you gonna take risks.  If you are not willing to take risks,  you cannot grow.  If you cannot grow,  you cannot become your best,  if you cannot become your best,  you can’t be happy.  If you can’t be happy,  what else is there?  
I and we may not know you but we do know you have something special in you.  You have greatness in you,  you are indeed greater than your circumstances.  
We should be ashamed to die until we make some major contribution to human kind.  We have a gift known as life.  My best book says,  “life is a gift from God. ” What are you doing with your life?  Are you wasting it,  letting a day go without knowing if you are progressing or not?  Are you letting it languish in mediocrity?  Or are you using it to help others, to give others a smile. Choose you this day,  to make your life a meaningful specific. 

Cheers 😊