Success today #345

​Basic needs of the brain. 

1. A steady blood supply of oxygen to the brain.  Without this vital gas,  which comes from clean air,  the brain cannot perform it’s functions. Poor supply leads to. 

a)  Decreased will power. 

b)  slowed thinking. 

c)  Diminishing ability to concentrate. 

d)  Difficulty in reasoning and judgement. 
Notice,  the brain is 2% of body weight but it consumes 20% oxygen supply.  Try to always take a stroll in the nature or village or some good and beautiful environment in the evening after work and every time you wake up,  drink 2 cups of water and breathe deeply.  
2. Glucose. Glucose is the most important need of the brain.  But not just any source is healthy. It has to come from fresh foods rich in vegetable fiber.  Tubers,  grains and vegetables provide a constant glucose supply for hours while refined sugar and foods cause surges in glucose levels. 
If feeling anxious,  drink a glass of water. 😊