Succees Today #344

Happy new year. 

​A long while ago,  a leader faced a situation which forced him make a decision which would inspire his success in the battle field. He was about to send his army against a powerful enemy whose army outnumber his own by tenfold .
He loaded the soldiers into boats,  sailed into the enemies country , unloaded the soldiers and equipment then ordered the ships to be burned.  Adresing his men before the first battle field he said “You see boats burning,  that means we are not leaving this place alive unless we win.  ” They won. 
As the year starts,  remember to set goals,  burn all bridges behind, fight to unleash full potential each day.  Moreover,  analyze your results each day,  each week,  each month and run away from mediocrity. 
Wishing you a successful happy year ahead ….😁Cheers😄