Success today #342

​The law of thinking. 

The law of thinking states that: You choose your thoughts and your thoughts create your life.  You truly become what you think about. 
How you think dictate what you do.  If you wanna change actions,  you must change how you think.  Any thinker is like a CPU processor.  What you think produces results. 
There are two kinds of direction. 

1. Directions from outward stimuli.  This involves directions due to sense.  Smell,  voice,  sight, touch…  They always lead to low results and is the driving force to many poor people who have poor results. 
2. Directions from inside.  This includes : Thinking and thought,  imagination,  memory and intuition.  Seek to be directed by these forces.  It’s what comes from inward that affect us most. 
Finally,  choose to cherish positive thoughts with an optimistic tone and you will enjoy a highly progressive life.