Success today #341


If you wish to be happy,  study happiness.  Happiness is not accident.  It is not by chance but by choice.  It’s not an account but an art.  Anyone who is interested and need it must study. 
It is possible to have a million in an account but not  happy.  A father can hall all the money needed but no joy.  
Any art is not achieved by anyone.  It’s only achieved by those who learn it.  But happiness must be weaved. You must plan and not hope.  You must want it. 
Why is a wedding one of one’s happiest day?  Because it is well planned,  dreamed, invested and cared.  It involves a lot of creativity.  It is well woven.  
You must learn how to weave and not leave to chance your happiness.  It’s not like tuning and television and having a cocktail.  It involves using your brain.  Think and create your happiness.  Weave every day to be your happiest day.