Success today #340

​Balance action. 

A little girl said to her mommy, “Daddy never plays with me. He comes home and he’s got this briefcase and he disappears and works on his papers and he tells me to go to bed.” Mom tried to explain and said, “Look, your father loves you very much, but he’s so busy at work that he can’t get everything done and he has to bring it home.” The girl said, “Why don’t they put him in a slower group?” Not a bad idea. If you haven’t got time for your kids, you should consider a slower group.
 It’s not the money. It’s not the success. You’ve got to make sure everything works. Not something at the expense of everything. At the expense of everything turns out to be too costly. You gotta be a good time keeper. 
This is why it is very essential not to start a day until you have finished it on paper.  Today’s success is involves making plan for tomorrow.