Success today #337

Who is a fool? 

A fool is a person or a group of individuals who score zero in the following questions. 

1. How many good books have you read in the last 3 months.  

2. How much have you saved and invested in the last three months? 

3. How many skills have you added in the last three months? 
-Success is a game of numbers.  Watch out your numbers in these areas.


A skill is developed, learned and practiced. Learning involves 

1. Observation 

2. Reading. 

3. Listening information among others. 
If you don’t practice,  you lose it.  Most often,  a skill becomes a habit,  a trained habit. 

Talent is the riches you were born with.  It’s more of natural.  Singing base is not possible for everyone.

These are your things you like doing.  It’s your play.  You enjoy. You can monetize your hobbies by being skillful in them.  Like in photography,  you can learn the skill of taking a photo with blurred background and get paid for that.