success today #336


-look at results to see if your attitude and philosophy is working. 

– The reason for measuring is to know what is working and what is not. 

-Results is the name of the game.  One with bigger and better results wins.  Success is a game of numbers. 

– If you have two,  go for 4. If you have 10, go for 20. If you have 20, go for 200. This is called the power of compound effect.  Keep improving. 

– The Bible is basically the best ever written book in the past 6000 years.  Good for practical learning and spiritual learning.  It records a story of a master who gave talents to 3 different servants. 

– One servant was given 5 talents.  He got 10 . The next was given 2 and he multiplied to 4. The third was given one talent which he buried.  The talent of the third servant was transferred to the one who had ten.  Why?  We don’t know. What we however know is,  it keeps on happening.  

– One who can’t use ksh 1000 to get results will have his ksh 1000 transferred to the one with ksh 1,000,000.

-Whatever you don’t use,  you….. Lose.  

-Learn to demand of yourself good results at the end of the day, week and month.  

– As this year comes to the end,  analyze your results and don’t let it go before all its goals and desired results are achieved. 

-Remember,  success is a challenge.  Don’t let learning lead to knowledge.  You will become a fool.  Let your learning lead to action.  You will become successful.