Success today #333

​Skilled labour. 

-Learn to do the best you can to develop skills.  Repetition is the mother of skills. 

– Labour earns you a living, skilled labour earns you a fortune. 

– Skillful language cab change direction of someone,  it can change dreams, feelings and thoughts.  Take for instance,  “what is wrong with you” and “What is troubling you? ”

– Skills multiply labour by 2,10, 100,500,1000

– You can chop a tree in 30days using a hammer but you can chop the same tree in 30 minutes using an axe.  Awesome!  The difference between 30 days and 30 minutes is what we call skilled labour.  

– Seek to do your best in what you do to be very skilled in it and it will pay. 

– It is silly to think about success without skilled labour, action.