Success today #332

​Success today 

– Surround yourself with people who believe anything is possible
Just like the saying “You are what you eat,” you also become who you spend most of your time with.
Spending time with positive-minded people who believe that life is what you make of it will help to remind you that the only limitations in your life are the ones you put on yourself.
This is an important mindset to have in order to stretch yourself to reach new and exciting goals that are outside of your current comfort zone.
-Consider turning off the TV
It can feel great to turn on the TV and sit back, relax and unwind after a long day…
But it’s SO easy to get sucked into watching it for hours without even realizing where the time has gone!
And what’s wrong with that, you may ask?
Well, research has shown that prolonged television watching actually slows your brain activity, even after you’ve turned the TV off.
To keep your brain happy, healthy and firing on all cylinders, try to limit your TV time to an hour (maybe one) a day if you can.
-Be good to your body
Remember the saying “healthy body, healthy mind”…? Well it’s so true!
Drinking tons of water and eating healthy “live” foods (like salads and uncooked vegetables, for example) have been shown to increase brain function, which of course will lead to greater creativity, flow and productivity.
So never skip breakfast, hydrate regularly and aim to eat at least one fresh “live” meal each day to make sure you’re putting good fuel into your body.