Success today #331


What makes up the recipe for a burning desire?  
First,  a burning desire is an obsession to achieve something so essential to you that even temporary defeats and failure cannot stop you.  
My friend,  Rhoda once gave me a story of a young man who wanted to know how to be successful.  He went to a very successful guy and asked him,  ” What must I do to be successful? ” The old man giggled and asked him to meet the next week beside an ocean.  The day came.  He wore his best blue suit and headed to the spot.  The man walked him into the ocean until water level was almost equal his height.  Then suddenly,  he pushed him into water with force for 2 minutes.  What was his desire at the moment? 
A  burning desire is developed by:

1. Having a big definite purpose.

2. Burning all bridges behind. 

3. Having a definite goal 

4. Power and effort.  
Desire is however not a wish but an educated wish,  which has gone to school and graduated with First Class.  It knows the destination,  understands challenges called temporary sups, thinks and is creative.. A burning desire is loyal and full of integrity.  It does not steal life exams by coping others. It is backed up with faith and imagination. 
With a burning desire,  you can persist and eventually realize success.