Success today #329

Steps to change emotions. 

Human beings are driven by emotions more often.  Negative emotions lead to neglect feelings,  results and power.  Each much learn how to change negative emotions so as to be productive,  efficient and successful. The following are few simple steps to changing emotions. 

1. Accept responsibility.  Accept that you are responsible for creating your emotional problems. 

2. Accept you have the ability.  You and I have the ability to change.  We have the power of choice which rabbits,  spiders and crocodiles do not. 

3. Recognize that our emotions and emotional problems stem from irrational beliefs and dysfunctional feelings. 

4. Clearly perceive these feelings and beliefs. 

5. Critically inspect the value of disputing these beliefs. 

6. Work hard to change irrational and dysfunctional beliefs. 

– To achieve the desired change,  you must separate evaluation of behavior and evaluation of self and minimize self defeating behaviors mixed with indoctrinated rigid preferences. Encourage activities that will counter self defeat and help in modifying thinking.