Success today #326

​Self image. 

– You and I have a mental image about ourselves.  How we see ourselves. 

– Most often,  the way we see ourselves in mind is based on information we have gathered. It’s not about what we see in the mirror. 

– Many people have a false information ,  so,  they have a false image. 

– self image is like a thermostat.  If temperatures drop beyond the set,  it turns on automatically and heat the room to the desired temperature. 

– Self image measure the deviation from a set goal then corrects it. 

– If someone who is overweight goes on diet,  he will be slim but if the self image is not changed,  he will soon be overweight. 

– If a child has an image of being the best in class,  if he fails in an exam,  soon he will be the best unless the self image is changed.  

– The image you have about yourself will always be expressed physically. 

– You must develop wisdom and awareness on how to live the image you desire.  Educate your self image by being mentally aware. 

– Today,  refuse to live the way others think you should.  Think and develop the best image of you.  Think it over and over and soon the mental image you develop today will manifest itself physically.