Success today #324

​Success Today. 

State of mind known as ‘ Burning  Desire to Win ‘ is essential to succeed.  It forces One to burn all bridges so that there is no possible way to retreat.  The will to achieve become so huge in the mind to an extent that there are no thoughts of giving up even when temporary failures are faced. 
This state of the mind also improves ones creativity and imagination.  Ideas become easy to see that to see flaws in other people.  Innovation thus become inevitable. 
A story is told of a young lady in form four.  She never had any shred of desire to get an A in mathematics until it was planted in her by her dad who promised a trip to Dubai. In three weeks,  she had mastered mathematics more than anyone else in class.  She spent more time to do research,  read and consult teachers even those whom she had feared all her highschool life.  
The desire planted in her came with a great purpose which forced her to develop a clear mind picture on how to succeed.  Fear departed automatically  and determination mixed with discipline because the best friend.  
Today,  aim to develop the state of mind known as ‘ Burning desire to win ‘. Back up the desire with a definite purpose.  Be disciplined and determined to achieve your today’s goals and your dreams for tomorrow. 
😊 Wishing you all a joyful Sunday. Blessings galore😊