Success today #321


Tack is one of the major traits of highly successful happy people. It may also be used interchangeably with courtesy. 
There is a right and wrong moment for everything. TACT is the habit of saying the right thing at the right moment.  The following are ways in which people show their lack of tact.  
1. Carelessness in tine of speaking.  Often antagonistic with a rough voice. 

2. Interrupting others when speaking. 

3. Overworking the personal pronoun so that every word begins with “I ” and every sentence feature personal pronouns. 

4. Asking impertinent questions often to impress others. 

5. Going where they are not invited. 

6. Injecting intimate personal subjects into conversations when such subjects are embarrassing to others. 

7. Boastfulness 

8. Making calls at inconvenient hours. 

9. Holding people with needles conversations  

10. Openly questioning soundness of others opinions.

11. Declining requests from others arrogantly. 

12. Speaking disparagingly of people in front of their friends. 

13. Rebuking those who disagree with them. 

14. Commenting on people’s disabilities. 

15.  Complaining when requests and favors are refused. 

16. Dwelling on ills or misfortunes. 

17. Complaining about politics or religion 

18. Generally possess a negative mind full of negative vibrations, thought and imaginations. 

19. Express dislike at a drop of a hat. 

20. Display general overfamiliarity. 
Would you like to be associated with one displaying any three of these?  They may look small but realize their compound effect.  Free advice,  run away from people with these traits. 
Today,  seek to cultivate an attractive character,  a friendly character possessed by one full of tact and you will attract successful good and happy people to you who will bring a small heaven to your life.