Success today #319

​Your brain has been lying to you.

And it’s the reason for most of your frustration in life.
You see, your thoughts are the result of your surroundings, what you let in and what other people communicate to you.
Politicians, TV pundits, guru guides, bosses, even in the sale aisle at the store—everywhere you go your brain is being bombarded with messaging and ideas.
That’s how thoughts get made.
Now consider this:
Most people are striving for a version of success that has come from the world of greed, material obsession and the empty struggle for power. A version of success they were told to pursue, not one that they discovered themselves.
And that’s why so many fail. They are chasing something that isn’t real.
It’s safe to say:
Real success is probably not what your brain thinks it is. You have to learn  …