Success today #316


A leader must establish purpose to serve.  His or her first step is to define a definite real goal that is big enough and inspires hard work.  
How can a leader make others follow readily?  A good leader has to be creative in imagining ideas.  His ideas should be too good that any employee see it as a means of prosperity.  Moreover,  he or she must be able to establish forward looking plans and forecast growth. Any employee will look up to their leader to lead them to growth and prosperity. 
Develop strategic plans,  forecast the business,  define the major key definite purpose , create a clear mappable vision that: 1.projects a bright future,  

2inspire and motivate 

3.Differentiating,  compelling and believable

4. Bring meaning to the work of employees 
And inspires you to be very innovative, creative and imaginative …….and you will be the best leader.  
What are the principles of a good leader? 

1. Seeks self improvement 

2. Technically proficient,  knowing all responsibilities for self and everyone around.

3. Seek more responsibility and challenges. 

4. Make quick, sound, timely decisions. 

5. Sets an influential high profile example.  

6. Kind,  care for others,  emphatic,  ready to listen and above all,  a master lover. 

7. Very much informed.  Remember,  you cannot do any carpentry with bare hands. 

8. Build a team. 
Every successful person is a leader.  What other qualities of a good leader to you know?  Comment below.