Success today #312

This is the way to succeed..  I like,  though not common. 

1. Identify a definite purpose in your life and back it up with love. 

2. Set definite goals without fear. Understand you can live anywhere you want,  drive any car you want,  live with anyone you desire and do what you love if you set a definite goal on it.  Make the goal as big as possible. 

3. Dream,  imagine and think.  Make a plan on what you have imagined.  Generally,  it takes 30 hours to make a good plan using imagination and thought activity to make and achieve   ONE goal. 

4. Decide what you are going to give back once you achieve your definite goal. 

5. Write down the full plan. If possible,  draw a chart of your plan. 

6.. Read the plan each and every day twice.  This will make your plan move to the conscious mind.  You will start to believe it is possible and see the picture of success every day.  Your faith and self confidence will improve.

7. Action.  Gather all the necessary skills and help you need.  Identify the groups to work with,  individuals to employ and associate with.  Learn,  but don’t let learning lead to knowledge.  You will become a fool.  Let your learning lead to action.  

8. Be just and loyal.  Disloyalty makes you lesser than dust.  Every true long time success is build on unwavering justice to everyone. 

Finally,  give thanks and appreciate.